Our Story


The name RUBIKS was inspired by the word “solving”.

Just as with the puzzle cube, we put things in the right place based on the degrees of feasibility when clients approach us with a combination of ideas and aesthetic preferences.

Every home is singular and has a unique story to tell, therefore we listen to your story before sharing our vision.

Our language is timelessness with a touch of luxe.

Bing Wong

Bing’s is fluent in the language of materials, design and symphony of space. He grew up with the smell of saw dust, the sound of wood milling and the touch of raw woods. Woodworking sites were like a huge playground to him. These experiences have given him an innate understanding of space and form, as well as the capacity to quickly grasp the big picture when designing.

As a principal figure in the studio, Bing’s continues to push limits in designing and expressing originality in style. Each project – from design to completion – further enhances his expertise and insights, which he uses to fuel the company’s ambition for recognition and mentor his team to success.

interior design singapore rubiks studio founder

Wen Xin
Snr Design Associate

With a keen eye for detail and an exceptional memory for project specifications, the soft-spoken Wen Xin effortlessly navigates the delicate balance between style and functionality in her designs.

interior design singapore rubiks studio team

Dan Chua
Snr Design Associate

Beneath Dan’s stern facade, he is a meticulous visionary who doesn’t shy away from stylistic challenges. Every design decision is a deliberate and well-thought-out choice that constitutes a bigger picture.

interior design singapore rubiks studio team

Keris Phua
Snr Design Associate

Well-versed in the tricks and trade of design, Keris juggles multiple roles with ease while remaining highly versatile across multiple disciplines.